Marvel’s Video Games Won’t Be Set In The MCU


One of the best surprises from Sony’s E3 press conference, and one of the most impressive games shown this week, was Insomniac’s Spider-Man. Coming to us from the brilliant minds behind the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series, it truly does look like we’re about to get a AAA superhero video game, which is certainly a rarity these days.

However, one worry that many people had upon hearing the announcement was whether or not Spider-Man would be tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this was to be the case, then the development team would obviously be restricted in some sense as they’d have to craft their game around the events in the MCU and meet certain deadlines. Thankfully though, it looks like Insomniac is going to have their freedom.

Jay Ong, head of Marvel Games, recently spoke about this very concern, telling fans that their video games will be completely separate from the movies.

When we tell people that they aren’t just building a movie game, that opens up their eyes. “You mean we have the freedom to invest and deliver the title that we want to deliver?” they ask. They don’t have to meet some artificial date. We give them time. We initiate projects far earlier than we used to.

It’s clear from Ong’s comments that Marvel is taking a totally different approach to their video games than they have in the past, which is very welcome news. We all remember some of the absolute abominations that they’ve put out previously, and thankfully, Spider-Man doesn’t seem like it will be one of them.

Instead, it sounds like we’re going to be getting a fan-pleasing and carefully crafted video game for the iconic hero, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally get our hands on it when the game releases, presumably, some time in 2017.