New Mass Effect 3 Combat Trailer Shows Shepard’s Leadership Skills

In a new Mass Effect 3 trailer from BioWare and EA, released during Gamescom, the companies show off some of the perks that come with being the commander of your own personal fighting force.

Mass Effect 3 is the next game is the Mass Effect series and has Commander Shepard and his small band of human and alien soldiers; tech specialists and biotic users return to Earth and once again contend with a longtime enemy. Though no one ever seems to want to believe him, it looks like the Reapers are finally ready to attack and it falls into Shepard’s hands to save humanity along with the rest of the galaxy…again.

The new trailer is the first in a series of combat reveals that show small bits of gameplay with this one focusing on the squad leader abilities. It shows Shepard as he orders his allies into position and how he uses their biotic and tech abilities to make the fight go more smoothly. Gamers can also get a glimpse of something very interesting: Shepard’s melee ability. In the video he sneaks up on an enemy and delivers a powerful blow from the side that ultimately sets him on fire. How’s that for Mortal Kombat ready?

Mass Effect was one of my early Xbox 360 favorites and, though it was flawed, Mass Effect 2 stepped up the gameplay as well as the graphics and had a story that easily drew in gamers. Without having my hands on it personally I can’t say if this sequel is improved gameplay wise but, from the look of the video, it really does take a step forward in the visual department. I’m truly looking forward to seeing this next chapter is the commander’s story. Hopefully he comes out of it alive.