Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Dated

The Mass Effect 3 DLC we’ve known about for a while but never really got confirmation for is real, and it’ll be coming to your digital marketplace of choice within the next few weeks.

The first single player DLC since the Extended Cut, Leviathan, will be dropping on August 28. No price has been given for the pack yet.

The first “official” showing of the DLC came from the shot above, which was shown off at Comic-Con last month, but wasn’t confirmed. Now that we can see a bit of a zoomed-in shot from the official BioWare announcement, we can see Shepard in that mech in what appears to be an underwater environment. Any ideas what he may be up to?

It’s a shame though, since we already know the actions won’t have an effect on the ending. Oh well.

Maybe you’ll find more use for this DLC than I will.