New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Incoming?

Have you been enjoying the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer as much as I have? Seems those of you wanting a few more options for your custom online character might have more options, if a picture posted to Facebook is to be believed.

The picture you see above was pulled from a user on Reddit from Facebook. The person who posted the picture is claiming to have downloaded DLC from a developer server that unlocked absolutely everything. Even more, the picture has a few classes that aren’t in the game. Which means, if this picture is real, that we’ll be getting a handful of new classes and races at some point.

The Geth and Batarians are pretty self-explanatory, but what’s interesting is the Krogan Battlemaster and Asari Justicar on the right. All the other classes in the multiplayer part of the game are classes that are actually playable in the main game. Given that no one has played as a Justicar or Battlemaster before, it’ll be interesting to see where this leads.

EA has not commented on this supposed leak.

What say you, gamers? What do you think the Justicar and Battlemaster will play like?