Mass Effect 3 Gets Some Post Release Fixes This Week

Mass Effect 3 is getting a little post-release loving from BioWare this week. First, the first DLC for the multiplayer goes live for the low low price of absolutely nothing. The pack includes two new maps: Condor, an outpost crucial to the defense of the Turian home planet Palaven and Hydra, an abandoned Quarian facility converted by humans into a hydroelectric generator.

We’ll also get our grimey little hands on a Batarian Soldier and Sentinel, a Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard, an Asari Justicar Adept as well as a Geth Engineer and Infiltrator. You can check out the new characters in action in the trailer below.

Finally, Mass Effect 3 players will be getting a new patch to fix a few issues players have been having (No, not the ending). The largest of the fixes pertains to the bug where importing your Shepard from ME1 and 2 wouldn’t include facial features. Also included in the patch:

  • Fixed issues when in some cases Shepard’s customized facial features from ME1/ME2 may not be properly imported to ME3
  • Fixed an issue when quickly and repeatedly selecting to Resume a Save could result in Player Level reset and a potential locking of powers.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting Multiplayer in the Main Menu while under a poor network connection could result in an unresponsive state.
  • Fixed a potential crash while accessing an in-game terminal from Eden Prime level.
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to login while Server is down. It would display a Server Down message and accepting the Server Shutdown message would shut down the game.
  • Fixed a potential memory crash while loading a Quick Save of a custom FemShep.
  • Fixed an issue when restarting missions and acquiring an above max amount of weapon mods results in displayed debug text on-screen.
  • Fixed an issue when an unresponsive game state could occur during transition after the Conduit level.
  • Fixed an issue when DLC game saves can be accessed from an account without DLC if another account on the same computer has access to the related DLC. (PC Only)
  • Fixed an issue when saves from different accounts on the same computer may become locked if one account has access to DLC which the other account does not. (PC Only)
  • Fixed an issue when potentially the game could enter unresponsive state when transitioning from the Holding Docks area to the Normandy Docks area of the Citadel. (PS3 Only)