Mass Effect 3 To Be Announced At VGAs?

The build up to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards this Saturday is mounting, and speculation abounds for all the teasers and announcements being made. Last month, BioWare teased that it would announce a new game at the awards, with Spike’s website describing it only as the touted developer’s “next big game.” As Colin McCrate’s article mentioned yesterday, the rumor mill has been churning out ideas nonstop, and around the time a screenshot from the trailer was revealed, Joystiq quoted a “trusted source” as saying the trailer was for Mass Effect 3.

The high-ranking blog site said in its article: “As many have guessed, the third installment looks to feature something brand new to the series: multiplayer. We’re currently unable to confirm that the multiplayer component will be part of the game’s unveiling at the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards.”

It then went on to mention how many have identified the weapon held in the BioWare-released screen of the game as one of Mass Effect 2’s sniper rifles, the M-29 Incisor. Have a look and judge for yourself.

Will BioWare announce Mass Effect 3 at the VGAs, or will it be one of their other brands? A new IP, perhaps? Tell us in the comments.