Mass Effect: Andromeda Footage Draws Attention To Both Gameplay And Environments


N7 Day may set the bar pretty high for the Mass Effect faithful year in, year out, but thanks to the one-two punch of announcing the official Mass Effect: Andromeda release date (spoilers: it’s March 21) along with new gameplay footage, January 4, 2017 comes pretty close.

Following up on this morning’s big reveal, this latest trailer hails from the ongoing Nvidia press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As promised, it draws attention to the lush alien environments set to feature in BioWare’s imminent sequel, not to mention the moment-to-moment gameplay that has ensured Mass Effect remains such a revered brand among the industry even as the franchise nears its fourth installment.

Set long after the events of the original trilogy, Andromeda is considered by BioWare to be the most ambitious Mass Effect to date. In development for close to five years, excitement for the sci-fi sequel is beginning to reach a fever-pitch, and up above you’ll get a glimpse of the skill trees, characters and even some of the new aliens due to feature in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

“Mass Effect: Andromeda is our most ambitious Mass Effect game to date. We’re telling completely new stories, creating new characters, new planets, new species, and introducing new gameplay systems. And for the first time, we’re bringing Mass Effect to the FrostbiteTM game engine, an incredible engine that’s delivering a tremendous graphical jump from the trilogy to Mass Effect: Andromeda. To deliver on this, we’re taking all the time we can to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda is expected to deploy across North America and Europe on March 21 and March 23, respectively. If you’re still pining for more content following tonight’s trailer reveal, we’ve included a handful of all-new screenshots below for your viewing pleasure.