Spider-Man 2 Leak Reportedly Reveals Release Date, Symbiote Suit And More

Spider-Man PS4

As undisputed ‘winner’ of the soon-to-be-defunct console generation as far as first-party exclusives go, Sony is expected to continue exactly where it left off when new hardware rolls around later this year.

One of the PlayStation 4’s greatest hits, of course, is Insomniac’s Spider-Man, which, much like Rocksteady achieved for Batman with its acclaimed Arkham trilogy, cemented Spidey as a triple-A video game heavyweight in his own right. Marvel, of course, will be acutely aware of the demand for more wall-crawling action, and while confirmation of a sequel is still forthcoming, leaks aplenty over the last several months imply that fans will be treated to seconds sooner rather than later.

Following on from those shared by a throwaway account on Reddit just a few weeks back, yet another lengthy post supposedly spilling the beans on plot details, gameplay mechanics and even a potential release date has emerged.

As user Throwawayquarantine8 notes, much of Spider-Man 2‘s story will revolve around Oscorp’s creation of an artificial symbiote. Described as a “Proto-Venom” by the leaker’s contact, Harry Osborn is said to serve as the entity’s initial host before moving to Peter Parker and taking on the form of Spider-Man‘s memorable Symbiote Suit.

Furthermore, the source says Insomniac had originally planned for Harry to eventually become Venom but ultimately decided to stick closer to the source material by introducing Eddie Brock. In terms of an expected launch window, the post claims that an initial reveal of the title has been pushed back from early summer to sometime in August due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, with an eventual release on course for Holiday 2021.

A believable tale it may be, but as usual, we’d suggest taking all of the above with a pinch of salt. It’s worth noting, too, that the original leak has since been deleted, so interpret that as you will.