Max Payne 3 Is Still Coming Out

Most of us gave up all hope for a Max Payne 3 since after multiple delays the game was put on hold. According to Rockstar though, the game is coming out. To prove that, Rockstar uploaded two new images of Max Payne 3 on their official Twitter account with the message “He’s coming.”

I am a huge Max Payne fan, I especially loved the first one. It had great atmosphere, a great story and a great character combined with a unique (at the time) gameplay featuring slow-motion bullet-time action that excited most gamers. I can’t wait to see Max Payne 3 and I’m definitely curious as to what Mr. Payne is up to these days.

Although, if I have to be fully honest, I am not sure about this new approach to the Max Payne franchise. You see, Max Payne introduced a very satisfying dark and gritty representation of New York City, that was followed by its first sequel, Max Payne 2. Although Max Payne 2 wasn’t as good as the first one, it still delivered a “Max Payne” experience.

In the case of Max Payne 3 though, things have changed a lot. The dark tone and colours of midnight New York City have been changed to the setting of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not only that, but stages of the game will be taking place during the day. My worries dwell from the fact that Max Payne 1 & 2 shared a very specific tone, and having stages that take place during the day will take a lot away from the Max Payne experience. After all, atmosphere might be 50% of Max Payne’s charm, if you lose that, there goes 50% of your game!

Of course, Rockstar might pleasantly surprise us by giving as a new experience, with a completely new atmosphere and tone that on its own, will work as well. Kind of like what Capcom did with Resident Evil 5.

What do you think?