New Max Payne 3 Screenshots Show Off Varied Guns And Hairstyles

Boiling things down to brass tax, it’s quite obvious that guns are one of, if not the most important features found inside of Max Payne 3. After all, the game probably wouldn’t exist without its trusty, bullet-shooting weaponry.

In order to keep us excited for their upcoming third-person shooter and all of the adult-rated grit that it’s sure to bring with it, Rockstar Games has released several new screenshots. They show the titular former cop doing what he does best – diving and shooting. Adding some variety to things are different featured weapons, and varied hair/facial hair styles.

Max Payne 3 certainly has the potential to be one of the best releases of the next calendar year. Here’s hoping it’ll live up to its hype, providing a gaming experience which bests its high-quality predecessors. We’ll find out in March.

Take a look at the new screens below. Then, let us know what you think in the comments section.