Here’s How To Get All Three Medallions In Both Resident Evil 2 Scenarios


Once you settle into the Raccoon City Police Station after progressing slightly into your playthrough of the Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll be given your first major task. In short, you’ll be instructed to find three medallions that, when placed at the base of a statue, will open up a way out of the building. Of course, it’s far from that simple, and below we’ll let you know how to round up each one of them – and in the 2nd Run scenario as well.

First, let’s talk about how to procure the medallions in the “A” scenario because, after all, that’s what you’ll be playing first. Rest assured that these solutions work for both Leon and Claire. Granted, the puzzle combinations are outlined in the little book gifted to you by a certain bisected police officer, but we’ll include those for good measure. Hey, if you’re going for a speedrun, it may be handy to have this stuff at your fingertips.

Here you go:

  • Lion Medallion: You’d have to be blind to miss this one. It’s also located in the Main Hall but on the second floor. Enter the following combination of symbols: lion, leaf, bird.
  • Unicorn Medallion: Found in the Lounge on the second floor, past the STARS Office. Once you’ve found the Round Handle in the East Office, use it to turn off the steam in the second floor Locker Room. After doing so, make your way to the room mentioned. Solution: fish, scorpion, jug.
  • Maiden Medallion: Found in the West Storage Room on the third floor, behind that gate sealed with C4. Obviously, you’ll want to blow that up up with a detonator. In order to do that, you’ll have to combine the electronic gadget found in the Operations Room with the Battery you pocketed in the STARS Office. Solution: maiden, bow, snail.

When it comes to collecting the medallions in the 2nd Run – or “B” scenario, if you prefer – that’s trickier. You see, not only are some of the pages from the booklet containing solutions scattered throughout the Police Station, but some are obscured – and more of the statue tiles are marred. Believe me, it’s not a bad idea to have all combinations in one place, especially because Mr. X will be hot on your tail when it comes time to solve the Maiden Statue puzzle.

Before proceeding, know that the way to access each statue is the same as before. Therefore, we’ll offer only the solutions this time around:

  • Lion Medallion:  crown, sconce, bird.
  • Unicorn Medallion: couple, scales, snake (facing left).
  • Maiden Medallion: ram’s head, harp, bird.

Now that you’ve opened up the secret room beneath the Mail Hall, be sure to save your game at the typewriter and arm yourself well because you’re about to experience your first boss fight in Resident Evil 2. Good luck.