Media Molecule Want You To Create Your Dreams In Their Latest Project


After charming gamers worldwide with the LittleBigPlanet franchise and the soon-to-come to PlayStation 4 Tearaway, Media Molecule are back with a brand new project. Dubbed Dreams, the title was unveiled during tonight’s Sony E3 2015 press conference.

As to be expected from the studio, Dreams is not your typical game. Rather than be built around a straight-forward adventure, it instead asks players to build their own unique projects. While still early in development, the debut trailer showed an assortment of works in the making, including everything from games to music videos.

While the trailer took up a majority of the presentation, Alex Evans from Media Molecule did showcase a brief demo for Dreams. Utilizing the motion sensor on the PlayStation 4 controller, Evans was able to craft a rather ugly looking character. Ugly, on purpose, though, as the unique art style of the title is already stunning.

While no release date was given for Dreams, the debut trailer alone should be enough to pique your interests.