Media Molecule & Sony Announce Tearaway With A Trailer

Media Molecule, the British game studio responsible for creating the LittleBigPlanet series, has officially announced their newest project: An intriguing new title for the Vita called Tearaway.

The game appears to be an action-adventure title with platforming elements, and will take full advantage of the Vita’s unique hardware features. Players will guide iota, a messenger from a “paper dimension”, through various whimsical landscapes, using various Vita mechanics to great effect.

An example shown involved fingers touching the rear panel bursting into the game’s environment to attack enemies, blowing at the screen to create wind, and taking pictures with the system’s camera to create custom textures.

All these and more can be viewed in the game’s announcement trailer below.

Media Molecule has hinted that in keeping with their LittleBigPlanet roots, Tearaway will definitely offer many customization options in terms of the games’ world, but they will reveal more on that at a later point. Currently, Tearaway is scheduled for an unspecified release date sometime next year.

We will keep you updated as more details on this newly announced title come out.


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