The Last Of Us: Meet Bill

During Comic-Con 2012, Naughty Dog unveiled a new cinematic scene from The Last Of Us, its much-anticipated post-apocalyptic project.

The cinematic starts off with the sounds of the Infected chasing main protagonists Joel and Ellie, who barely manage to escape into a room. Inside, they find a masked man, who reveals himself to be Bill (played by actor W. Earl Brown). Bill and Joel somehow know each other and Bill owes Joel a favor. After a scuffle and some choice words, Bill reluctantly agrees to help Joel build a car he needs to get out of the town. But Joel needs to find the parts first, which brings about the end of the cinematic.

The Last of Us is looking to match the hype that’s surrounded it since it was first announced during the Spike TV Video Game Awards back in December. And from the look of this cinematic, it’s going to do just that. The world is realized and terrifying, with characters that feel human, even if they are a bit crazy. Judging completely from the cinematics and gameplay scenes that have been released thus far, Naughty Dog has raised The Last of Us to a level few games have reached in this console generation.

The Last of Us is scheduled for release sometime in 2013, exclusively for PlayStation 3.