Meet The Anti-Heroes Of Watch Dogs 2 With New String Of Gameplay Videos

Much like Titanfall 2 and Arkane Studios’ stealth-action sequel Dishonored 2 before it, for better or worse, Watch Dogs 2 represents a defining landmark for Ubisoft’s open-world series.

Two years ago, the studio’s Orwellian thriller emerged from a prolonged development cycle in which hype and excitement threatened to derail Ubisoft’s budding new IP before it could establish a presence in the industry. Then again, even if Watch Dogs failed to impress critics in the way the French publisher would have hoped, strong sales ensured that the franchise had a future – even if that future was without the glowering Aiden Pearce.

And so, we arrive at Watch Dogs 2, an open-world sequel that trades the Windy City for the sun-kissed streets of San Francisco. It features a new protagonist, too, with players assuming the role of Marcus Holloway, a disenfranchised youth who becomes involved with a underground hacking organization known as Dedsec. Their mission? To dismantle ctOS 2.0, the invasive operating system that has spread its digital tentacles across the four corners of California.

Its a set-up that isn’t too far removed from that of USA Network’s nail-biting Mr. Robot series, and in preparation for launch, Ubisoft has premiered two new gameplay snippets, with one in particular focusing on the anti-heroes that are out to bring about a digital revolution.

Get ready to hack everything and everyone – Watch Dogs 2 is on course to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 15. To get up to speed with the goings-on of Ubisoft’s San Francisco, feast your eyes on the all-new gameplay snippets below.