Mega Man 9 And 10 Combo Pack Free For PlayStation Plus This Week

When the PlayStation Store updates later this evening PlayStation Plus subscribers will find that the Mega Man 9 and 10 Combo Pack has been added to the service’s Instant Game Collection. For those unfamiliar with Capcom’s two retro-reboots, Mega Man 9 (released digitally in 2008) and its follow up Mega Man 10 (2010) are a return to the classic gameplay that defined the Blue Bomber during the NES-era. Meaning, both games are tough as nails 2D side-scrolling action platformers with beautiful 8-bit graphics.

Aside from the free Mega Man 9 and 10 Combo Pack, North American PlayStation Plus members will also be able to join in the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta and download an exclusive God of War “Eye of Kratos” avatar for free. The beta will offer access to two game modes; Team Favor of the Gods, and the “yet-to-be-seen” Favor of the Gods mode. Both of the beta modes center around earning points by killing enemies, using brutal kills, capturing domination points, opening chests, and using the Spear of Olympus to perform executions.

Sony also announced that they are making the NCAA Football 13 “Recent Winners Pack” available for free to PlayStation Plus members. The pack unlocks Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, and Matt Leinart for use in the game’s Heisman Mode.

Finally, (as if that wasn’t enough to keep you busy for a week) the store update will give PlayStation Plus subscribers a 50% discount on Eufloria. If you missed out on Eufloria‘s 2011 PSN release, the title is a bit of a real time strategy game where players control huge swarms of seed-like creatures while fighting for control of “Asteroids”. While the playing fields are vast in scope, they give the feeling that the entire game is taking place under a microscope. The Plus discount brings Eufloria‘s price down to a mere $2.50, which is a great deal for the unique (and challenging) RTS.