Mega Man Legacy Collection Releasing Later This Year


Outside of cameos in games like Super Smash Bros., Capcom’s iconic Mega Man franchise has gone through the past few years with little prominence and no new titles. While info on a brand new entry in the series is still quiet, fans of the series’ iconic heyday on the NES may be pleased to hear that a collection of games, ranging from the very first entry all the way up to Mega Man VI, is coming to many current-gen consoles in the form of the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Confirmed for North American and European releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a 3DS version planned for a winter release, the digital-only compilation will sport numerous behind-the-scenes extras like concept art, as well as a new Challenge Mode providing additional gameplay.

The initial teaser for the game, which can be viewed above, promises “8-bit style with HD flair” for the graphics, but what exactly that means for the classic games’ presentation is still up in the air.

Mega Man Legacy Collection will launch for $14.99. We will continue to keep you updated on more news regarding the compilation as it drops.