Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance Gets New Demo And Reveals Original Protagonist

Very few games have elicited such a polarizing response in the Bunker as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The over the top hack and slash ninja game has brought out a myriad of emotions from our staff, ranging anywhere from “This may be the greatest thing to exist in the history of things” to “This may be quite literally the dumbest idea I have seen to actually be funded as a AAA game.”

As a long-time fan of the Metal Gear series, it’s hard for me to see Metal Gear Rising as actually belonging to the franchise. Gone are the methodical stealth levels where you’re tasked with making the tough decisions, and we’re gifted the ability to simply go bat-shit crazy as a ninja cyborg with a massive sword. Granted, the Metal Gear franchise has never shied away from taking risks, so this really shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Starting on Tuesday, you’ll be able to download the demo for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for your 360 or PS3 and see just how much you enjoy the angry ninja flippy-spinny sword play. To celebrate the demo’s imminent release, Konami released a new seven-minute long “Jack The Ripper” trailer edited by none other than Hideo Kojima himself.

If that wasn’t enough to get you interested in spending some bandwidth downloading the demo, IGN recently spoke with Kojima who revealed that Raiden wasn’t the original protagonist of the game.

It was actually not my idea, it was my staff in Kojima Productions that insisted on Raiden, and I respected their idea. I wanted to really focus on production than development, and they wanted to come up with a really cool hack-and-slash title with some Katana action and Raiden in it, and I thought ‘okay, that’s fine, I respect that. But in my personal opinion, I wanted to go for Frank Jaegar or Gray Fox.

Hooray for interesting but useless news blurbs! You can check out the trailer below, and let us know in the comments what you think.