Metal Gear Rising Slicing Through Retail In February

We’ve been teased for years about the promise of finally jumping into the suit of a Cyborg Ninja with Metal Gear Rising. The release date has been shrouded in secrecy for quite a long time now but thanks to a new trailer that was released today, we know now when the game will hit store shelves.

We’ll be able to get our hands on Raiden’s next adventure on February 19 in NTSC-land, with the PAL regions to get the game a few days later on the 21st.

To celebrate, Konami has released a new trailer. Much of the first half is a combination of all the trailers we’ve seen so far but with new commentary that sounds an awful lot like Roy Campbell. Also, Raiden fights some sort of robot tiger with a chainsaw for a tail.

Yup, this is definitely Platinum’s handywork:

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.