Metaverse trashed as the internet compares online wedding to ‘Second Life’

Image via rafeejewell (Flickr)

An article shared on social media today is raising strong opinions from gamers within the social media realm.

The New York Times shared an article about getting married in the metaverse, and those in the online realm aren’t quite sure what to make of it. Sure, the sentiment is a sweet one, and it’s not an unheard-of event — but that’s part of what Twitter users are discussing. How does the metaverse stack up as a wedding venue?

Why is this metaverse wedding the talk of the NYT, and is anyone paying attention to the games and players who have done it all before?

Specifically, the game Second Life was brought into conversation several times in Tweet responses, saying that these marriages and lives existed within the game for almost 20 years.

So what exactly is Second Life? The synopsis for the game is as follows:

Second Life is a video game that allows people to create an avatar for themselves and have a second life in an online virtual world, or metaverse.”

There are other metaverse realms, too, in which players have been living out these real-world scenarios for ages.

Some players note that the graphics for this look elementary compared to a game that came out almost 20 years ago, asking why the graphics are so unrealistic.

Some even said it almost feels “like a parody.”

The references to Second Life didn’t stop, and some even used great memes to draw comparisons and call it what it is, something so similar it’s hard to tell the difference.

Some concluded that graphics were better for the Second Life wedding in 2009.

Oh, and what if divorce happens? This Tweet and its responses will hit hard with anyone who played everything from Neopets to Club Penguin.

But it doesn’t matter what Twitter thinks of the nuptials as long as the happy couple had a beautiful day.

What do you think about the wedding in the metaverse? Have you joined the metaverse, and if so, in what realms? Let’s talk about it.