Metro Dev 4A Games Posts Status Report On Its Two Secretive Projects

Metro Last Light 5

4A Games, Ukrainian developer behind both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, is quietly toiling away on two secret, as-yet-unannounced projects.

Following the closure of publisher THQ some years ago, doubt was cast over the studio’s immediate future. But rest assured, 4A Games is alive and well, and the dev recently took to Facebook (via VG247) to post a status report revealing that, after persevering through testing times that included a studio move to Malta, it’s ready to come out of its self-imposed hiatus.

Hello everyone, yes we are alive! So thank you for putting up with us during a slight hiatus. Yes 2 years is a bit long but we have lots of exciting times ahead and wanted to bring you up to date since the last news that we were in Malta.

The burning question that you are all going to be asking (and have been asking) is: What are you doing or working on? Well today I have the honour, nay the privilege to tell you: nothing at all about either of the 2 exciting projects that we have underway …. Sorry for the troll.

We will be sharing what news we can as soon as we can, for now alas I have only studio news to share.

Not since 2014 has 4A Games released a console title – namely Metro Redux – meaning there’s already a pent-up demand for new content. No details were disclosed about those two “exciting” projects, but it’s a safe bet that at least one is rooted in the Metro universe.

In news relating to the Metro-verse, author Dmitry Glukhovsky and producer Michael De Luca are reportedly