Mew-Genics Has Over 12 Sextillion Different Cats

Team Meat’s latest Mew-Genics teaser reveals that the game will feature exactly 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 different cats, meaning “you’ll never get the same cat twice, unless you clone them”.

As impressive as twelve sextillion, two hundred seven quintillion, thirty-one quadrillion, two hundred fifty trillion cats is (full disclosure, I had to look up how to write that number), the developer’s blog post explains that this is really just the base amount of different feline combinations. If you consider things like the personality variable, ability variable, cat stats, and some other “secret stuff”, the total number “multiplies by A LOT”.

Outside of the twelve sextillion different cats, Team Meat did not announced any specifics about the game. So we still have no idea when Mew-Genics is going to be released, what platforms it is being developed for, or what kind of a game requires that many different cat variations.

As soon as Team Meat answers any of those questions we will let you know, but for now we should just be thankful that they are not planning weekly reveals for each one of those felines like they did for Mew-Genicsfive characters.

Source: Team Meat

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