Michael Jackson Starts Something In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

He may be dead, but it looks like Michael Jackson is still causing a stir, at least in the video game world. MCV reports that Steam and other digital marketplaces have pulled Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from the digital shelves due to a copyright claim from Sony Music Entertainment.

The song presenting a problem appears to be Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” which is in rotation on the radio station in the game.

Those who have purchased the game in the past can rest easy, though, as they are not affected by the current issue. Anyone looking to relive the experience of playing through the game while they wait for Grand Theft Auto V to arrive next year though will have to wait. If a deal with Sony cannot be reached, Rockstar will have to remove the song from the game and we’ll have to get used to not rocking out to it.

Personally, I haven’t played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in years and I’m not too worried about one song, but the lack of the game is a nuisance for some. I wouldn’t worry too much about its absence, though, there are plenty of other entries in the series to keep gamers satisfied. Also, given the popularity of the series and the upcoming 10 year anniversary of GTA III, not to mention next year’s GTA V, I’m sure it will be available again fairly quickly.

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