Microsoft To Hold Annual Pre-E3 Xbox Event On June 10th

next-xbox-durango copy

According to a Neowin report, Microsoft has booked the Galen Center in Los Angeles for an event on June 10th, which suggests that the company is planning to hold a pre-E3 Xbox press conference on the day before the Electronic Entertainment Expo officially kicks off.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has not announced the presumed Xbox event, let alone sent out invites, it is not surprising to learn that a press conference is taking place at the Galen Center this year. The pre-E3 Xbox spectacle has become something of a tradition for Microsoft, as they typically overspend and put on a big dog and pony show every year prior to the start of the show. This is the same event that had Cirque du Soleil promoting Kinect back in 2010 (when it was called Project Natal), and paid Usher to shill Dance Central 3 before E3 2012.

Microsoft is officially debuting the next generation Xbox (Xbox 720/Durango) May 21st, so this June 10th event will likely be used to shed even more light on the console and its first and third party game lineup.

For well over a year now we have heard multiple rumors about Microsoft’s next generation Xbox, that claim the console will be everything from an always-oninternet requiredused game blocking machine, to pretty much the exact opposite. It is nice to finally have some official Microsoft events scheduled, so that we can hopefully either confirm or put to bed most of these rumors.

Source: Neowin