Microsoft Offering Refunds For Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions Following Changes


Even though most Xbox owners are satisfied with Microsoft’s recent decision to remove the Xbox Live Gold requirement for access to entertainment apps such as Netflix on their consoles, some subscribers have been less than thrilled with the move. The good news for those people, though, is that Microsoft will be offering refunds for Gold subscriptions that were only purchased for the use of said apps.

Starting once the next update for Xbox Live rolls out in June, current subscribers will be able to cancel their membership and receive a pro-rata refund on any unused days between the cancellation date and the date the subscription was originally set to run out. Refund requests must be submitted through Microsoft’s support site before August 31, 2014 and will take between six to eight weeks to fully process.

Although I support Microsoft’s decision to remove the pay requirement for entertainment apps, especially since both Sony and Nintendo never featured such restrictions, I can see why some would be annoyed with this move. Anyone who has ever purchased an item at a store, only to later see it available elsewhere for cheaper, knows the feeling of buyer’s regret. Regardless of how you feel about Microsoft’s recent moves regarding Xbox Live Gold, it is at least nice to see the company go out of their way to satisfy their customers, even if they don’t necessarily have to do anything.

Source: Joystiq