Microsoft Officially Confirms Xbox One S, Set For August Launch


Confirming the rumors and reports to be true, Microsoft opened its E3 showcase this morning by confirming that, yes, the Xbox One S is official. It’ll launch in August starting at $299.

Lining up with that wave of speculation, the revised hardware is indeed 40 percent slimmer than the base model and boasts a 2TB hard drive. It won’t include a dedicated Kinect sensor, although the console can be positioned vertically while 4K video support is a lock. Finally, judging by the image paraded at Microsoft’s ongoing E3 conference, it’ll come packing a slightly redesigned pad, too.

Featuring textured grip, increased wireless range, and Bluetooth support, it represents a significant step up from the standard Xbox One controller – and yes, the new console also ditches that cumbersome power brick.

Stay tuned for more information relating to Xbox One S as E3 2016 kicks into gear. For now though, tell us, do you think $299 is a fair entry point for the new, slimmer hardware?