Microsoft Releases Xbox One Kinect Cheat Sheet


To help gamers master the Xbox One Kinect and all the voice commands that go with it, Microsoft has released a handy dandy cheat sheet displaying all of the things that you can tell your console to do. As evidenced above, you can order your machine to launch games, return home, wake up, go to sleep, sign in and several other useful functions.

This is actually something that I’ve been looking for ever since I picked up my shiny new box last week, so I’m definitely pleased to see it. Now it’s just a matter of memorizing everything so I don’t have to keep looking over at my print out of the cheat sheet every time I’m playing a game.

As someone who has never had a Kinect before, I’m really enjoying how well its integrated into the system and how the Xbox One is putting it to use. I know many people weren’t too impressed with the hardware when it first launched, but for this new generation, I think that Microsoft is going to utilize it far more efficiently.

Tell us, have you learnt all of the Xbox One Kinect commands yet, or will you be relying on this cheat sheet for a while?