Microsoft May Be Showing A New Console And Timesplitters 4 At E3 2012

A report has come to light, including news that the next Microsoft console could be unveiled at next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The source went on to tell VideoGamer that Timesplitters 4 is expected to be announced alongside it, with the intentions of it being one of the new home entertainment system’s launch titles.

Based on information from a ‘high-ranking’ source at Crytek, the site has reported that the firm is using DirectX 11 technology in the development process. The hope is that Timesplitters 4 will set a new visual benchmark when it launches alongside the new device. It’s been rumored that the developer has been working on the game since it acquired Free Radical in 2009, with CryEngine 3 powering it.

Apparently Microsoft is planning to beat Sony to the table in regards to the announcement of a new console. Though, the report further mentions Crytek’s involvement in development for the unannounced PlayStation 4.

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