Microsoft Shows Off The New Xbox One Elite Controller


You might be a little confused as to why the announcement of a new Xbox One controller is generating so much hype, but once you see it – you’ll understand. The Elite controller, as it’s called, has undergone a pretty major facelift in comparison to its predecessor, and it’s definitely worth getting excited about.

Featuring hair trigger locks and the ability to fully remap the face and shoulder buttons, the sleek-looking new game pad will also be extensively customizable. That’s right, you’ll be able to swap and change various components as you see fit for a controller that suits your personal preferences. And for those that are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 when it rolls out soon, the Elite will be compatible with that as well as the Xbox One.

The information dump hasn’t given everything away though, as a release date and a firm retail price still haven’t been confirmed. Still, considering how finished the product looks, we can’t imagine an announcement is too far off.

Tell us, do you think the new device has enough changes to warrant a purchase, or are you going to reserve your judgement until a price is officially announced?