Microsoft Slashes Xbox One Price In UK

Xbox One Logo (1)

Microsoft has reduced the price of its current-gen console by £20 in the UK, bringing the asking price of the Xbox One down to £329.99.

For the sake of perspective, the system is now a full £100 cheaper than it was at launch, largely thanks to the company’s decision to remove the Kinect as a mandatory peripheral.

The adjusted price is currently live over on the official Microsoft Store, and it’s understood that the deal is available through other third-party retailers such as Amazon. And while the company is yet to formally announced the reduction, it hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed consumers sifting through the digital storefront to locate the offer.

Nonetheless, this is the first price cut that the Xbox One has received since the official removal of Kinect back in June, which brought the asking price down to £349 in the territory. Now, though, users can pick up the console on its own or the Sunset Overdrive bundle — which includes the limited white console — for £329.

Without doubt, this is evidence of the company gearing up for the oncoming holiday season, one which it is perhaps more prepared for than its competitor Sony. With the likes of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Insomniac’s aforementioned shooter, Microsoft’s upcoming roster of exclusives is arguably more enticing.

Whether this price revision will be reflected in other territories further down the line remains to be seen. For now, though, UK readers can pick up an Xbox One through the official store and other outlets such as Amazon for £329.

Source: Microsoft