Microsoft Unveils Co-Op Based Fable Legends For Xbox One


This morning, the circulating news relating to a brand new exclusive game announcement from Microsoft at GamesCom was made factual, with the reveal of Fable Legends. An Xbox One exclusive that is being developed using the Unreal 4 engine, this follow-up to Fable: The Journey is touted as a one to four-player co-op game, which subs A.I. companions in for real players during solo sessions. As such, those of us who were hoping for a next generation take on the series’ popular single player RPG roots will seemingly have to wait. Hopefully something is in the pipeline, though.

Outed yesterday, through its domain listing by Joystiq, Microsoft’s latest first-party Xbox One announcement promises Smart Glass functionality. Expectedly, its separate screen will let players keep tabs on their quests and elements; however, MCV is reporting that the tablet-based functionality will also integrate with the title’s gameplay. That is, for those who choose to play as its main villain – something that is an option this time around. By doing so, players can tap into some in-game variety, through a mode that will let them utilize evil minions, special traps and dangerous hazards against targeted heroes.

Speaking of the heroes: It’s important to note that, as with most of the previous Fable games, Legends will allow players to decide which type of hero they use and develop, though it is unclear as to how that system will work.

Although it’s not the ideal, solo RPG experience that I was hoping to hear about, Fable Legends sounds like it could end up being a good game if it’s handled correctly. Hopefully more detailed information pertaining to its features will be unveiled soon.

Check out the game’s debut trailer and its first few screenshots below: