Microsoft Unveils A Fancy New Logo

After twenty-five years of sporting the so-called “Pacman logo”, Microsoft decided it was time to mix things up and revealed a new company logo today, to go with the upcoming “new versions” of all their products. Except of course for a new Xbox, because that is definitely not happening.

The new logo has the Microsoft name, in Segoe font, next to a multi-colored Windows 8 flag. A video about the new logo, produced by the company’s overzealous marketing team, reveals that each color on the flag represents one of their key products.

The blue square stands for Windows, the red is for MS Office, the green is for Xbox (not the Xbox 720, mind you, because that is most definitely not happening), and the yellow square is for… Well… The color yellow, I suppose, because Microsoft didn’t mention it in the video.

All in all, it’s a rather nice logo, but I’d still prefer it if they went back to the original Microsoft “groovy logo”.

Now, THAT was a logo!

Check out the logo’s new look for yourself in the video embedded down below.

Source: Microsoft