Microsoft Xbox 720 Patent Shows Room Filling “Environmental Display”

A new Microsoft patent for an “environmental display” shows that the company is working on tech for the unannounced Xbox 720 that would basically turn your entire living room into an interactive game environment.

Using some unnamed projection system (or systems) in conjunction with your television, the “Future Xbox” would be able to project a video game’s environment onto the walls of you room. Think of it as a significantly lower-tech Star Trek Holodeck.

The Xbox 720 would also use a 3D camera (Kinect 2) to detect the users position in the space, and the entire thing could be viewed in 3D by using “suitable headgear, such as active shutter glasses configured to operate in synchronization with suitable alternate-frame image sequencing at primary display and environmental display.”

Just the thought that the Xbox 720 would be able to achieve something like this is amazing, however, you should keep in mind that patents don’t always end up turning into actual consumer products.

Additionally, the whole set up sounds extremely expensive, and if Kinect has proven anything, it’s that Microsoft has a tendency to make promises that their tech doesn’t exactly live up to.

With that said, this looks really freaking cool!

Source: CVG