Microsoft’s 12 Days Of Xbox Deals Promo Kicks Off With A Bang

Bastion for Xbox Live Arcade

With all of the digital content sales going on right now, it’s hard to refrain from spending at least a little bit of digital cash. After all, who can pass up some of these insane deals?

Microsoft has just launched its own 12 Days of Xbox Deals promotion, which features one of the year’s best games as its first major sale:

Bastion is now available for $7.50 (half-price,) which is an absolute steal. Trust me; if you haven’t played through that downloadable gem, then you’re missing out. This sale will only last until the end of the day, so act fast!

We’re not sure of what tomorrow’s offer will be. However, we have read about a side sale that is taking place in addition to the blockbuster daily offers. Until January 2, the following games will be available for 50% off:

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
BloodRayne: Betrayal
Renegade Ops
Portal: Still Alive
After Burner: Climax

…and more.

There are also deals to be found on a couple of Games on Demand titles (Oblivion and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga,) as well as Avatar gear. Check out Major Nelson’s blog for the full list.