Microsoft’s Xbox One SmartGlass App Is Now Available For iOS And Android


Microsoft has released their SmartGlass companion app for the Xbox One today and it is now available to download for iOS and Android devices. With the app, gamers can navigate through and control their console, use it as a remote for Netflix, look at their achievements, interact with their friends list and most importantly of all, use their handheld device as a second screen for certain games.

While I have downloaded the app, unfortunately, I can’t do much with it just yet as I don’t have a physical Xbox One to test it out on. That being said, I’m already stoked to use it. I love the fact that Microsoft is making a big push for their games to use a second screen (see: Dead Rising 3) and I think that it’s really going to enhance the overall functionality of the console.

Tell us, are you picking up an Xbox One this Friday and if so, will you be using the SmartGlass companion app? Let us know in the comments section below.