Potential Microtransactions And New Weapons Discovered By Modern Warfare Remastered Data Miners


Adding credence to the idiom that if you look hard enough, anything can be found, data miners have unearthed some rather interesting details while rummaging through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered‘s game files.

As per GameSpot, Reddit users Semyel and Tails have uncovered various assets in the bowels of the game’s files, including those pertaining to weapons not currently obtainable as well as a potential microtransaction feature. Black Ops‘ Galil rifle, as well as Modern Warfare 2‘s Striker shotgun were discovered during the digging, as well as assets for never-before-seen weapons, including a Shovel and an automatic shotgun called the Kamchatka-12.

Adding to that, Semyel also reveals the existence of unused animations that make reference to an armory and arms dealers, likely features intended to be similar in function to Black Ops III‘s black market vendor. Texture files labelled with the name “loot” were also found, suggesting that, at some point, a loot box system was in place.

Several videos showing the unused content were posted by Semyel on the dedicated Reddit thread, but have since been removed following a copyright claim issued by Activision. It remains unclear whether all the discoveries are planned future content or whether they’re simply ideas that Activision opted not to include in the final version of Modern Warfare Remastered, but it’s an intriguing find nonetheless.

Modern Warfare Remastered is available now with select versions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but don’t expect it to be made available for individual purchase any time soon.