Midnight City Is Bringing The Bridge To The Xbox 360 This November

The Bridge Game Logo

The indie game subsidiary of Majesco Entertainment, known as Midnight City, has announced that they will be releasing The Bridge for the Xbox 360 this November. The highly acclaimed puzzle title was previously released on the PC via Steam.

Heavily influenced by the works of M.C. Escher, The Bridge will require you to solve increasingly difficult levels and puzzles. Your protagonist will have the ability to control the world around him, which will open up additional solutions to the problems you may come across.

In order to progress in the game, you must be able to look beyond what your protagonist sees and truly learn to think outside the box. In addition to having to deal with various brain teasers, players will also face off with “The Menace, gravitational vortexes and parallel universes” that will test gamers in ways they never expected. Those who are willing to take on the challenge of completing The Bridge again will be rewarded with a second, secret ending.

In addition to being influenced by Escher, The Bridge appears to also bear a resemblance to hit indie titles such as Limbo and Braid. It boasts a unique 2D design like the former and the game will also allow players to “rewind” time in order to solve certain puzzles like the latter. When it comes to borrowing features from other titles, you might as well borrow from two of the best.

The Bridge will be released via Xbox Live Arcade on November 13th. The title is rated “E” for everyone and will carry a suggested price of $9.99.

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