Midnight City Reveals Indie Launch Lineup For Early 2014


Majesco Entertainment’s recently founded indie label, Midnight City, is preparing to launch a new wave of titles in the first quarter of 2014. The batch of games includes Krautscape and Double Dragon: Neon for Windows PC via Steam, alongside Slender: The Arrival for the first time on consoles.

Krautscape is a revolutionary new racer from Mario von Rickenbach. In it, players take control of hybrid bird-like flying cars that try to shift your focus towards tactical racing. Each car comes with a set of wings that allows racers to glide through open air to evade danger and collect unique items. Racetracks are generated in real-time by the lead vehicle, which creates a unique race each time you play. Krautscape comes with standard speed trials, but promises additional modes to challenge players like never before. It will be interesting to see exactly what type of modes the game delivers in combination with its unique approach to racing.

Midnight City is also hoping to land a hit by bringing Double Dragon: Neon to Steam for the first time. A brand new online co-op mode promises to deliver on the classic buddy beat-em-up experience the franchise is known for. Additionally, the new mode brings a range of unique abilities that will aid in your conquest of the Shadow Warriors. Players can now “high-five” in order to share health, “psych” up their ally for special moves or even revive their fallen brethren.

Fans looking for a good scare will find it again with Slender: The Arrival finally making its way to consoles. Blue Isle Studios is ensuring that the new layer of polish will send chills down your spine, as Slender Man stalks you in the night. The studio is giving fans a deeper glimpse into the lives that the terrifying entity has affected. The new content arriving with the console launch will be haunting the standalone PC and Steam versions as a free update, following the launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Be sure to check out all three indie titles when they launch at $9.99, in the first quarter of early 2014.