Mighty No. 9 Nails Down September 15 Release Date

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9

After previously targeting an April release, Comcept has announced that the crowd-funded Mighty No. 9 will now be released in September. The Kickstarter superstar will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, MAC, Linux, and Windows PC.

A spiritual successor to Capcom’s legendary Mega Man franchise, Mighty No. 9 was one of the biggest successes in Kickstarter history. It raised more than $4 million back in 2013, and while it may have missed its targeted release of Spring 2015, hype for the release is still quite high.

While the five month delay is unfortunate, Comcept offered a good reason for why this should be seen as a benefit for the title.

First of all, yes, it is a delay from our original Spring estimate (which, from reading the comments lately, might not come as a surprise to many of you, given we’re in late April already…) But before you despair, please, hear us out first! The reason for the delay, and the reason we are so excited about this new partnership in the first place, is all the cool stuff it will allow us to add to the game (content that all Backers will get absolutely FREE).

When Mighty No. 9 launches later this year, backers of the title will receive additional Japanese and French voiceovers, subtitles for a handful of different languages, including Italian, Spanish, German, and more, and, perhaps most importantly, the additional Ray DLC set. The DLC set will come packed with an additional level and boss battle, as well as the option to use Ray as a playable character.

Thanks to a deal inked with publisher Deep Silver, the title will now also receive a physical release. Carrying a cost of $29.99, the release will not only include the base game, but also all available DLC and a handful of extras. For those that wish to acquire the title digitally, that version will only cost you $19.99.

Tell us, will you be checking out the old-school goodness of Mighty No. 9 when it drops on September 15?

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