Mighty No. 9 Now Shooting For Xbox One And PS4 Versions

Mighty No. 9

First Wonderful 101, now Mighty No. 9 – who can keep track of these names? As much as I love Platinum Games, I gotta say that in this case I’m a bit more excited for the latter. Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to MegaMan has been taking the community by storm, and the only thing with more momentum than the hype itself is probably the amount of money being raised by the game’s Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, its total sits at a slight $1,942,780. So… obviously I was kidding. About the slight thing.

Having overshot the original $900,000 funding goal by so much, it’s no surprise that Comcept — Inafune’s company charged with chaperoning the project — is adding some fun stretch goals reserved for even larger totals. We’ve already seen the game expand to Mac OS and Linux since its original announcement for Windows, and now it looks like releases on Xbox One and PS4 may be possible as well! That is, if the Kickstarter reaches $3.3 million. Apparently the jury is still out on handheld versions, as Comcept still has to crunch the numbers concerning those, but we should be getting some more info on that come next week. All I know is that I want this game on 3DS. So badly. If you’re one of the folks who consistently uses and enjoys the system’s parallax 3D (as I am), then you’ll understand why.

Inafune has gone on record saying that Mighty No. 9 will stay true to the time-honored difficulty of MegaMan and other 2D classics in that vein, but strive to integrate fairness and modern sensibilities as well. There’s literally nothing I can think of to complain about regarding any of this, so I guess the only thing left to do is just stare at the Kickstarter art and smile. And pray for those handheld versions.