Mike Bithell’s Metal Gear Solid-Esque Stealth Title Volume Snags August Release Date


After wowing the gaming community with his ultra-minimalistic and yet oddly evocative indie hit Thomas Was Alone, British game developer Mike Bithell is putting the final touches to his sophomore effort, Volume, which today snagged an August 18 release date.

Hauling the age-old tale of Robin Hood into a futuristic setting, Bithell’s latest bears semblance to the VR missions found in Metal Gear Solid, where players were tasked with slinking around the environment and avoiding AI enemies. For Volume, though, that nemesis will be overseen by Andy Serkis’ big bad Gollum, who rules over a far-flung rendition of London. Your mission involves stepping into the shoes of one Rob Locksley, a budding kid “who simulates crimes against the rich and powerful and broadcasts them to a corrupted future England.”

Thomas Was Alone narrator Danny Wallace lends his dulcet tones to Alan, your friendly AI companion who will accompany you on your journey. It’s a journey that will involve hugging the walls of various simulated levels to avoid patrolling guards, who came in the form of  Pawns, Turrets, Knights, and Rogues. Players will soon unlock a variety of different gadgets as they progress, too, including the likes of the Bugle or a cloaking device known as the Veil. And that’s where the title’s Metal Gear Solid sensibilities come into play.

Volume will slink onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC on August 18. No word yet on whether Bithell’s latest will support Cross-Buy or indeed Cross-Save on Sony’s platforms, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.