Mike Bithell’s Stealth Title Volume Delayed Two Weeks On PlayStation Vita; Launch Trailer Released


UPDATE: Sony has now unveiled the live-action launch trailer for the stealth title, which even features a cameo from renown YouTube personality Charlie McDonnell.

Original Story:

While it’s still on course to launch across PlayStation 4, PC and Mac later today, the PlayStation Vita version of Mike Bithell’s Volume has been delayed by two weeks, the developer announced today.

Taking to the game’s official blog, Bithell penned an open letter to Vita owners anticipating the release of his sophomore title on Sony’s handheld, and hinted that the final technical hurdles facing the creative team should be overcome in a couple of weeks. Per Bithell:

“It’s so very nearly ready, but it needs a little more love,” the developer said on Volume’s official site. “A few personal problems and issues have slowed down our submittal, so even though the game is ‘done’ on Vita, we still have some QA process to go through (because that stuff matters).”

Alas, going off of the developer’s comments, it would appear that Volume is all but complete on PlayStation Vita, and the development team are merely waiting to submit the final, consumer-ready build to Sony for approval on the portable gaming device. The good news for owners of both PS4 and Vita is that Cross-Buy remains intact, meaning if you pick up Volume today on Sony’s flagship system you’ll be able to download the port in due time at no extra cost.

Volume releases August 18 for PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. The PlayStation Vita version, meanwhile, won’t make its debut for a couple of weeks at least.

Source: Mike Bithell

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