Mike Bithell’s Volume Hits PlayStation Vita Today



Metal Gear-inspired stealth-based game Volume comes to PlayStation Vita today, and it even supports cross-buy, so there’s no need to buy it again if you’ve already been enjoying it on PlayStation 4.

As part of the confirmed release today, the game’s creator – Mike Bithell – expressed his excitement over bringing it to whole new audience. In addition, every last drop of content of the original game has made the transfer to Sony’s handheld console.

Everything from the PS4 version of Volume is now portable sized. That’s all 100 levels of the stealth action campaign, along with all curated Staff Picks and uploaded levels from the community. The game’s level editor is also packed in there with the ability to design, upload, and play your own or someone else’s levels on the go.

Volume is also cross buy, meaning if you’ve picked it up previously for PS4 (And thank you for that!) you get it on PS Vita at no extra cost. And, as an added bonus, we announced on PlayStation.Blog late last year, Volume on PlayStation will also include Volume: Coda for PlayStation VR.

Now isn’t that a neat little bonus? Along with the full game, all who purchase Volume get access to Volume: Coda for PlayStation VR when it launches (presumably) later this year. Bithell says Coda is a brand new adventure, featuring “a new VR environment, new protagonist, new story, and characters from the first game viewed from a different perspective.”

If you’ve yet to pick up one of last year’s best indie titles, you can check out our review of the original version of Volume right here. Trust us, it’s good. Like really good.

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