Minecraft Creator Wants To Settle Bethesda Lawsuit … With Quake 3

Minecraft creator Notch has come up with an interesting way to settle his dispute with Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda, he has challenged them to a game of Quake 3 arena. Bethesda are suing Mojang over the use of the world ‘Scrolls’ in their next game. From Notch’s blog:

Remember that scene in Game of Thrones where Tyrion chose a trial by battle in the Eyrie? Well, let’s do that instead!
I challenge Bethesda to a game of Quake 3. Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors. We select one level, you select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins.

If we win, you drop the lawsuit.

If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with.

One of two things is going to happen here. Either Bethesda are going to see this as a great chance at a little publicity and agree to the Quake 3 game or they’re going carry on regardless of the challenge, politely reminding Notch that he doesn’t live in a magical world where legal trouble can be solved with 30 minutes on a video game.

With over 25,000 likes on Facebook, however, I think Notch has certainly made his point in his blog post.

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