Minecraft Has Overtaken Modern Warfare 3 On Xbox Live Activity Chart

According to Major Nelson, something extremely rare happened during the week of October 15th on Xbox Live. The XBLA version of Minecraft surpassed Modern Warfare 3 on the activity chart, making it the only non-Call of Duty title to hit the top of the chart since Halo: Reach launched back in 2010.

It also means that Minecraft was played more on Xbox Live during that week than FIFA 13, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 3, Madden 13, and Dishonored. Not surprisingly, Mojang’s mine/construction simulator also ranked at the top of the Arcade sales charts for the week, beating out Telltale’s The Walking Dead adventure game.

In other Minecraft news, a Halloween Skin Pack will go up on XBLA that adds 55 new Halloween-type character designs to the game for 160 Microsoft Bucks (or $2 in real money). All the money from the sale of the DLC goes to four charities “collectively chosen by Mojang, 4J Studios, and Microsoft Studios”. Additionally, this marks the first time that some of the skins in the Xbox 360 Edition will have capes.

Show me the person that claims to not want a caped Minecraft character, and I’ll show you a liar!

The Halloween Skin Pack goes on sale on October 26th and runs through November 26th.

Source: Major Nelson, PlayXBLA