Minecraft: Pocket Edition Gets Some Festive New Faces

Minecraft Holiday Skins Pack Poster

With plenty of developers getting into the Christmas spirit this year, Mojang have taken the opportunity to bring some festive cheer to the mobile version of their powerhouse series: Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This yuletide downloadable is also available for players of the current Windows 10 Edition beta, but sadly all others will simply have to decorate their games with their own initiative for the time being.

The Holiday Skin Pack adds many a Christmas classic to the Minecraft toolbox, as explained by Mojang below:

The pack includes festive classics like Santa, his wife, and an elf, but we’ve also made a bundle of wintery looks that are… like… totes wearable throughout the rest of winter. Dedicated skin enthusiasts will also notice that this is the first pack for Windows 10 Edition Beta and Pocket to include extra geometry. That basically means we’ve tweaked the character models slightly to make them look extra cool.

The new pack is available for $1.99 and also includes a number of bug fixes that aren’t specified in detail in Mojang’s blog. And while eagle-eyed readers may be excited to see that maps – a currently unavailable feature in Minecraft: Pocket Edition – are visible in the image above, Mojang have sadly also confirmed that these aren’t yet ready to be patched in.

They do, however, leave a strong hint that the following update will include these.

Everybody gets a late Christmas present or two, don’t they?