Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 Launching Next Week With Surprise Guests


Minecraft: Story Mode has done well enough for Telltale to expand its original five-episode roster to eight, and the developer has just announced details and a release date for the sixth installment, which will offer some unique guest stars likely to please many Minecraft fans.

Continuing to offer more self-contained episodes rather than the grand story arc of the first four installments, this new adventure, A Portal to Mystery, will see protagonist Jesse and company stumbling into a new world overrun by zombies and forced to take refuge in a mansion along with several new faces.

Story Mode has offered familiar faces like Patton Oswalt, Paul Reubens and Corey Feldman providing voices before, but this time, the newcomers will all be voiced and modelled after prominent Minecraft YouTube players. These include Stampy Cat, Stacy Plays, The Diamond Minecart, LDShadowLady and CaptainSparklez.

A Portal to Mystery will launch worldwide on Tuesday, June 7, on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android. As a Story Mode fan who’s unfamiliar with the original Minecraft, it remains to be seen how well these appearances will work for players unfamiliar with them, but hopefully Telltale’s trademark writing and storytelling will help the characters stand on their own.