Minecraft: Story Mode’s Second Episode Is Out Early


In a surprising but pleasant move, Telltale Games has chosen not to wait several months between installments of their episodic games like they typically have.

While the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode only launched two weeks ago, the follow-up, Assembly Required, is already available across most platforms today. The developer has not yet announced any information regarding the scheduling of the remaining three episodes yet, but it’s possible that this second installment was released earlier than usual to coincide with the release of the physical disc version of the game, which will include the first episode on the disc and allow for the remainder of the series to be downloaded for free as each episode is released.

A promotional trailer has also been released for Assembly Required, and offers a taste at some of the action players will encounter as series protagonist Jesse as he sets out with his friends to reunite a quartet of legendary heroes in hopes of saving the day from a menace threatening their world. Telltale has already said that several scenes will vary greatly depending on the decision players made at the end of the first episode regarding which hero to go after first.

We will continue to post more updates on Minecraft: Story Mode as they are announced, and will have a review for Assembly Required online very soon, so stay tuned!