IGF Finalist MirrorMoon EP Offers Beta Access With Pre-Order


Santa Ragione, the developers behind MirrorMoon EPare granting beta access to people who pre-order copies of their brightly colored space exploration game.

A finalist for the Independent Games Festival’s Nuovo Award for Innovation, MirrorMoon EP is a game of abstract space exploration where the player starts on one ominous-looking planet, solves a puzzle, and moves outward to explore thousands of other planets in galaxies across a sparsely populated universe.

The included co-operative multiplayer mode, which is also available in the beta, means that the journey doesn’t have to be made alone. According to the press release, players looking to uncover all of MirrorMoon EP‘s secrets must do so with the help of others through the charting and sharing of maps.

Santa Ragione also announced that the first players to land on a planet can permanently name the associated star for everyone to see. I suggest everyone use embarrassing nicknames from high school, or if you’re of a certain generation (mine) use your worst old AOL Instant Messenger screen name.

Starting today, pre-orders of the game are one dollar cheaper than they’ll be on September 4th, when the finished version is officially released.

I’m really looking forward to giving MirrorMoon EP a whirl, as I’m a sucker for atmospheric exploration games with a dearth of points, power-ups, and other traditional “gamey” conceits. So, when you are out there make sure to keep an eye out for the star xXxSoccerBoy87xXx.

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