You Can Play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Early On June 2 With EA And Origin Access


Fans eager to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ahead of its full release on June 7 can do just that from June 2. EA and Origin Access members can go hands-on with Faith’s latest adventure a whole week before Catalyst‘s full release for a period of 6 hours – 4 hours less than the usual 10 offered to subscribers of the service. Neither service is available for PlayStation 4 owners, unfortunately, so you’ll just have to wait the extra 7 days if you only own Sony’s console.

EA hasn’t provided any further details on the content you’ll be able to access as part of the early bird period, but if there are any restrictions in place to prevent progress beyond a certain point, it wouldn’t be the first time such measures have been taken. ColdWood Interactive’s Unravel limited players to playing through just the first two stages of its single-player campaign.

We’re still unsure just how big the sequel is going to be in relation to its rather short-lived predecessor, but the reduced playtime (not to mention the numerous release date delays) afforded to trial players isn’t exactly a reassuring sign that Catalyst will be the huge open-world experience everyone has been hoping for.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 9. Look out for our review in a few weeks.